How to get on to the radar of Executive Search & Recruitment Companies and Find Job Opportunities in Myanmar

  • March 14, 2017
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Get on to the radar of Executive Search & Recruitment Companies

If you are actively participating in a dialogue on your field or industry specialism, in print or online, you significantly increase your chances of being recognized as a talent by executive search and recruitment companies in Myanmar. Being quoted in articles, having articles published or speaking at events, relevant to your industry, hugely helps increase your visibility. It is extremely important as a job seeker trying to find a job in Myanmar to get on to the radar of the executive search or recruitment companies, most of which are based in Yangon.

Success Is Being Recognized

The higher your profile, the more chance you have of being recognized by an executive search firm, as they naturally target the players that are the most prominent in their field first. If you play football in the Premier League, everybody knows your name. If you play in the Second Division, it makes it that much more difficult to get recognized. Whether you are looking for a new position or not, if you have a profile, you will have a much greater chance of being kept in the flow by executive search companies. Sculpting your profile to stand out in a professional manner, makes you easier to find by executive search firms and ultimately increases the likelihood of you receiving more job opportunities in Myanmar.

Consistent Networking

There are many networking events in Myanmar. Find out where they are held and get involved. concentrate on your industry sector. This is a powerful way of getting noticed by your peer group and both executive search and recruitment companies in Myanmar. When you meet people in your peer group - keep in touch with them.

Put Time Into Your Networking - It's An Investment

To maintain a successful network you have to invest the time to create it and maintain it.


Social Networking

Social networks play a hugely important role in executive search and recruitment companies, especially in Myanmar. Internet penetration in Myanmar has rocketed over the last few years, as has the use of social media sites. While the more traditional methods such as the ‘black book’ still exist, most executive search and recruitment companies use a range of online platforms and tools to build long lists of candidates. Ensure that you have a profile on LinkedIn and Facebook - executive search and recruitment companies will search these platforms. Make sure your personal Profile is easily accessible online and that your published articles and industry comments are well structured, informative and readable.

Executive Recruitment vs Executive Search

Executive search consultants seek out suitable candidates, that are typically already in gainful employment and quite possibly have not even considered looking for alternative employment. Additionally, they tend to work at the higher levels of the employment continuum.

An executive recruiter tends to work high volumes of roles and often relies on a database to find relevant candidates for those roles. Executive recruiters typically build large databases of candidates and will be only too happy to take your details. As a generalization, they tend to work the more junior level jobs in Myanmar.


If you have got something to offer and are really adding value to your industry, try contacting an executive search firm who has strength in your field. They may well interview you and if you are up to the mark, they will very likely add you to their database. Should an interesting opportunity arise, that fits your profile, they may well contact you.

Are You A Candidate Or Client?

The answer to this question is normally both (for most people) but not at the same time. People move around in their careers and so you may initially be looking for opportunities yourself and later be hiring on behalf of your company. Executive search consultants often end up working with people they have met both as candidates and clients. It is important to remember that the same person who helped you find the right position for your career can also help you find the right candidates when your organization is hiring.


Try to make sure your profile and updates are visible to the recruiters and executive search consultants; keep building long-term professional relationships with your peer group, industry figureheads, and recruitment & executive search companies in Myanmar.

Take a long-term approach to building strong, mutually-beneficial relationships with colleagues and key recruiters. Try to be visible and ensure that your key skills and achievements are in the public domain.

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