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Yangon Job Opportunities

  • May 22, 2017
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Job Opportunities in Yangon

Whether you are an experienced candidate, junior candidate or a fresh graduate, finding a job opportunity in Yangon can be a long and drawn out process.There are many ways of going about finding jobs in Yangon and there are many good job opportunities in Yangon, waiting for your application or engagement.

CV Writing

First of all, it is most important to get your profile noticed in the job market in Myanmar. There are many methods which you can use to help get your profile noticed for job opportunities in Yangon. Take advice on how to write a professional CV. Employers don't want to spend time struggling to understand a CV that is poorly laid out and difficult to read. You can contact VCS for advice on how to write a professional CV for a small charge. No one wants to read a CV that’s too many pages - short and to the point is the key. For more advice on this please contact the VCS team on +95 (0) 9257 755 558 or One tip - make sure when putting down your previous work experience that complete dates are included - both months and years!


LinkedIn is a powerful tool to use when trying to find good job opportunities in Yangon, as there are many job opportunities posted on LinkedIn and companies regularly use it to advertise roles. Having a clear profile on LinkedIn is imperative, as a potential employer offering jobs in Yangon, will review your profile to see what you have been doing and who you are connected with. The more professional your profile, the higher the likelihood a prospective employer will grant you an interview. It is essential that your Linkedin profile matches your CV, so don’t make the mistake of playing theatricals with the information. Make sure the photo you use is a professional picture - visually the right impression is essential. You can also use LinkedIn effectively when looking for good job opportunities in Yangon. There is a lot of information there and if used correctly, it can significantly increase your chance of getting a job in Yangon. Again you can book a consultation with VCS to assist you with this, although it is not a free service.


Job boards are becoming more and more popular for people looking for job opportunities in Yangon. They have thousands of jobs advertised and thousands of CV’s registered. Make sure your CV contains all the keywords which match what you are looking for. When a company offering jobs in Yangon is searching for CV’s through a job board, they will be looking for keywords in the CV’s during their search. Also when you fill out the registration form be realistic. Whatever your level - don't overestimate your value - price yourself realistically and make sure that it is commensurate with your experience and what you have to offer. Data quality is extremely important when registering with a job board - if you provide incorrect information, then your profile risks being overlooked for a job opportunity in Yangon. 


Networking events are a fantastic way of finding job opportunities in Yangon. Such events are often heavily populated by potential employers. Jobseekers should embrace every opportunity they have to secure face time with companies offering jobs in Yangon. There are many networking events in Myanmar, especially in Yangon and so find out when and where they are and be sure to arm yourself with a pack of personal cards.Job Opportunity in Yangon

Recruitment Companies

Register with the recruitment companies in Yangon, they are at the forefront of the job opportunities in Yangon and will be able to give you advice on what to do next. They may even have an interesting job opportunity in Yangon which suits your profile. They will most likely interview you, find out what you want to do, advise you on what you are suited to and give you some advice on likely salary range. Contact VCS recruitment team for more information on this, +95(0) 9257 755 558 or


Facebook is clearly the most used social media site in Myanmar and is a good place to search for job opportunities in Yangon. There are various groups which advertise opportunities in Yangon and so try joining some of these groups and they will notify you when job opportunities in Yangon arise which suit you. It is also a very good way of contacting people and networking. You can post in groups and secure responses about your application. It is important to have a profile which portrays you in a good light. Photos of you falling down the stairs after a party are not likely to enhance your chances. It is becoming more and more common for potential employers to check social media profiles to see what you get up to out of hours. Nowadays everybody needs to be mindful of how they portray themselves across the entire spectrum of social media.


Keep your CV as professional as possible and ensure that it is posted on as many of the reputable job boards as possible, to maximize your exposure and reach, into the market. Also, don’t be afraid of picking up the phone. In today's world when everybody is swamped with e-mails, do not underestimate the simple power of picking up the phone. Get on the front foot. Call companies. Call managers. Call anyone you can think of that could help you find a good job opportunity in Yangon. Try walking through the door of the companies you would like to work for and ask to speak to the hiring manager. Hand them your CV directly and try to set up a meeting. You have to think outside of the box when looking for job opportunities in Yangon.  Competition is intense - go the extra mile and you will hugely enhance your chances of success.

Remember this is your future and looking for a job should be a full-time job!

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