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Importance of Executive Search & Recruitment

  • January 23, 2017
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How executive search and recruitment companies in Myanmar can help the recruitment and selection process & the importance of it

In Myanmar seeking out, attracting and onboarding relevant and suitably qualified employees for vacant positions is a tricky proposition, due both to the nature of the talent pool available domestically and the submission of CV’s which do not always reflect reality. Partnering with a professional executive search and recruitment company in Myanmar with international reach (especially potential repatriate reach) can help overcome this daunting task of search and selection.What is the expense of a bad hire? Company time and resources inefficiently or ineffectively allocated to the search and review process, regularly leads to the hiring of inappropriate personnel, the impact of which can vary from costly to disastrous. Employing the right people at the outset reduces disruption, avoids loss of momentum, lowers staff turnover, maintains morale, prevents the undermining of client relationships and due to all of these reasons, is value accretive to stakeholders in the overall business. Sourcing and sifting suitable candidates requires lengthy due diligence and for key hires, this due diligence can be forensic in nature, involving extensive background checks and interviews, before any candidates are presented to the client.

Myanmar today is burdened by a sizeable skills gap, at a time when the demand for these skills is growing at rates that are at multiples of nominal economic growth. In order to ensure the onboarding of the right candidate, it is important firstly for the company to precisely understand the requirements of the position and in the event that the help of an executive search company in Myanmar is enlisted, that the latter fully understand the intricacies of the position and how it is set to interact within the broader company infrastructure, with specific regard to reporting lines. The responsibility for hammering out the exact parameters of the role ultimately resides with the company, but often this job spec is written in conjunction and with advice from, a professional executive search company.

The second stage of the process involves the drawing up of a list of primary and secondary skillsets and attributes that are essential and advantageous respectively, for the role. Cognoscent of both the detailed job description and the primary skillsets required, the executive search company is then in a position to cast a wide net, utilizing all tools at their disposal, including but not restricted to social and professional media networks, industry partners and in-house databases.

Screening and Interview Process

The professional executive search and recruitment company will manage the entire screening and interview process of all candidates deemed to be eligible to fill the post, leaving the client with a shortlist of candidates whose qualifications and level of experience are relevant to the open position. Once the shortlist is finalized, the candidates will be referred to the hiring managers or HR team, allowing the internal screening and interview process to commence...The internal interview process is best done by employees seasoned in the business, as only they really understand firstly what is required by the role and secondly the company’s DNA and culture. In addition, if the interview is conducted thoroughly and with intelligence, it should be possible to expose the DNA and personal culture of the candidate and ascertain whether this meshes with the company. It of course also provides a platform for describing the role more fully and for testing and gauging the candidate’s response to the role description.


Personal chemistry should not be overlooked and neither should “gut instinct”. However, it is important that the facts are not overlooked and are positioned front and center of any candidate selection process. The executive search company should assist with any necessary further background checks, previous employment history, and qualifications listed in the CV. Additionally, the executive search company can secure performance feedback from previous employers which often provides insights, which have not surfaced during the interview.

The Long Haul

No employer likes to spend time bedding down a new employee in to a role, only to see them resign after nine months. Both obvious and hidden costs of such eventualities can be destructive both to the company’s bottom line and to staff morale. A professional executive search company will help you mitigate these risks, through effective screening.

Ahead of the Curve

Just as a misfit employee can upset and destabilize an entire team, a newly minted employee of appropriate caliber can act as an instantly recognizable agent of change, with positive outcomes for entire teams and departments. Excellence comes at a price, but it is almost always worth paying for. The international corporate world is coming to Myanmar and corporate Myanmar needs to get ahead of the curve and change without procrastination, to avoid getting crushed by the stampede of competition and its ever-tightening jaws. 

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2 thoughts on “Importance of Executive Search & Recruitment”

William – your last para is very poignant. But I have to disagree with the second sentence in yr last para. You say “Excellence comes at a price, but it is almost always worth paying for”. You’re wrong. IT IS NOT “ALMOST ALWAYS”, BUT “ALWAYS” WORTH PAYING FOR. A company may have to pay 30% more for the very good as opposed to the perfectly acceptable executive, but the extra 30% in my experience, normally leads to multiple returns in terms of output, efficiency, staff morale, standing of the company, positive impact on other employees etc. HIRE THE BEST – BE THE BEST!

Posted By U Tin Win February 25, 2017 at 04:14am |

Hi U Tin Win,

Many thanks for your comment and I have to agree with you, although I wrote it a little softly. I am pleased that we are on the same page on this point. The strongest are not necessarily the ones who survive it is those who are most adaptable to change, and in this ever changing environment the competition will if you don’t and that is what will make the difference.

Very best,

Posted By admin March 01, 2017 at 05:41am |

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