You have skills. You have expertise. You have aspirations. We will take a good look at the tools you have in your personal toolbox and we will assist you in finding employment that is rewarding, stimulating and personally enhancing. Our contacts from middle management to board level within Myanmar’s corporate world are extensive and our knowledge of open positions in these corporates at middle and upper levels is deep and up to date.

The majority of our senior executive search consultants have had extensive overseas experience in Europe and in Asia. They truly understand what it takes to compete in the real world. At level 1.01, this includes how best to assist candidates in their preparation for the interview process; how best to present their achievements in their CV’s; how best to market themselves to the corporates they are going to interface with and how best to conduct themselves during interviews.

Additionally, we ensure that every candidate receives a detailed pre-interview briefing of the target employer, prior to the first meeting. Forearmed is forewarned. It is imperative that the candidate is fully cognizant of the nature of the role and what it demands. How the role sits within the company architecture. How the reporting lines are structured. Where the company is now and what development plans in the medium term and long term are currently on the boardroom table. What is the company’s true DNA and core skill set? What is the nature of its weaknesses and what is being done to address these weaknesses?

Candidates who are able to exhibit a reasonable understanding of the target company, always resonate with the interviewer much more successfully than those that don’t. It may seem very obvious to most of us, but it is extraordinary how little effort some candidates make, to really get to grips with the dynamics of their potential future employer, ahead of the interview stage.

We will assist you with a pre-interview briefing and if necessary on interview techniques and professional advice on your curriculum vitae.