Partnership encompasses everything we stand for. Successful long-term partnerships normally yield an output greater than the sum of the parts. We strongly believe that we can be that partner. We aim to cement our position as the long-term partner of choice for all our key clients.

Generalist approach

At this stage of Myanmar’s development, we have elected not to specialize. Instead, we have elected to train and continually develop all of our executives’ industry knowledge and connections, to enable them to add value to role sourcing in most of the mainstream business verticals.

Leading Edge

Collectively, our team has over 40 years of industry experience in both Myanmar and internationally and our aim is to bring to the table a level of gravitas and understanding, that is at the leading edge of our peer group in Myanmar.

Business Imperative

We understand the simple business imperative that the key to being an effective partner to both our clients and our candidates is the marriage of our industry knowledge with a deep understanding of our clients and the core skill-sets of our candidate pool.

Weakest Link

Our ability to deliver the best possible experience to both our clients and candidates is constrained by weakness in any one of the above three links. Through a combination of regular in-house training sessions, a forensic attention to both our clients’ needs and to the skill-sets, experience and real DNA of our candidates, we ensure that we are well prepared for the task.


Knowledge and process are both very important. But so is being an intelligent listener and having the right tools in the toolbox to ask the right questions.

Your partner today, for your tomorrow

We passionately believe in being positive agents of change for all our clients and the candidates we re-position.