Giving Back


    We are proud to be a sponsor of the Myanmar based New Children’s Choir.The choir was set up by Sebastian See-Schierenberg ( in 2016 and gave it's debut at the historic Strand Hotel in Yangon to an audience of 1,000. Most of the choir’s membership is selected from Yangon’s orphanages and currently the choir consists of 60 participants and will shortly be expanded to 80 members.

    The choir regularly performs with the Orchestra for Myanmar which was also formed by Sebastian in 2015, and which is made up of young musicians from differing backgrounds, ethnic groups and religions. The orchestra provides International level training opportunities and aims to be a symbol of inclusivity and peace for the country. In future it hopes to become a cultural Ambassador for Myanmar in the Asia region.

    In addition, a third project, the Violin Study Programme for Blind Children in Yangon provides lessons and performance opportunities to children at the Kyeemindine School for the Blind.

    All three projects are run under the UK registered charity Live4Music (reg 1150636).

    In April 2017, both the choir and the orchestra will be delivering a special project in Yangon, performing with approximately ten members of the BBC Symphony Orchestra who will come to collaborate and take part in education work and performances.  The contrast between performing live on stage with members of the BBC Symphony Orchestra at one of Yangon’s most prestigious venues and the orphanages where the majority of children who make up the choir habitually reside, is clearly a poignant reminder of how marginalised groups are often forgotten, and that we must do everything we can to include them and celebrate their talents. We believe music can build confidence and life skills in participants, and hopefully inspire them to achieve their future dreams.

    Sebastian is a force of nature and no-one can fail to be inspired by his enthusiasm for driving a renaissance of classical music in Myanmar; for bringing different ethnicities together and for bringing joy to both participants and audiences alike.