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General Manager (Corporate Strategy), Yangon

General Responsibilities

Reporting directly to the Main Board, this position high level and oversight of Strategic Directions and associated project plans, professional practices practices, research, diversity and inclusion, and measurement and monitoring of the overall strategic implementation, and establishing and maintaining effective processes for fostering strategic thinking and implementation at all levels of the organisation. This position will assist in advancing the change agenda of the organisation and will also play a key role in collaborating with all levels of management in implementing,monitoring, and reviewing organisational strategy. This includes ensuring inter-division collaboration beyond individual portfolios, particularly in carrying out organisational improvement initiatives and risk management process.

Role And Responsibilities

  •  Help determine the future direction of the company
  • Analyse existing business lines and examine the profitability or opportunities available for the company.
  • Analyse similar business and evaluates whether to enter thise new industries through growth or acquisition.
  • Identifie barriers to achieving company objectives and develops approach that allows you to overcome the abstacles.
  • Evaluate the strategy and challenge each SBU head how the strategy is being executed.
  • Coordinate, develop and assist SBUs in implementing strategies that satisfy the objectives of individual SBUs as well as promoting overall corporate goals.
  • Provide management excellence through the achievement of performance indicators set out by the Main Board.
  • Leads and oversee strategic projects that will assist in strenthening the company's long term strategic plan and play a key role in executing corporate strategy initiatives through engagement and collaborative effort with employees at all levels in the organization.
  • Partner closely with Heads of Division or Business Units to transformation programmes whilst ensuring division or business units are successfully achieving the key long-term group-wide strategic programmes.
  • Provide advice, regular updates and reports to the CEO, Board and Executive Team including relating to financial and business risk management.
  • Establish key performance indicators, and the creation and implementation of process to monitor and report to thiese key performance indicators regularly
  • Prepare analysis of potential target companies and evaluates whether it coincides with the organisation's overall strategy.
  • Analyse and recommend that if one division or SBU is performing or not performing or not performing well and should be sold off.
  • Analyse and recommend that a division or SBU does not fit in with the overall strategic direction of the firm or does not bring any economies of scale so it can be divested.
  • Build relationship with Ministries, Chamber of Commerce, NGO's International Associations Partners,etc.
  • Any other tasks as assigned.

Qualification And Education Requirements

  • Minimum 10 years of Investment banking/ Consulting experience
  • Minimum 15 years of total working experience
  • Business/ Finance/ Economics or other relevant academic qualification

Preferred Skills

  • Strong in understanding and interpreting financial reports, financial models and investment models.
  • Strong leadership skills including coaching, providing feedback, performance management and development
  • Strong critical think and analytical skills is required
  • Strong presentation skills
  • Strong Project Management skills
  • Strong Interpersonal and People Management Skills
  • Excellent communication, negotiation and consultation skill

Additional Notes

  • Willing to travel (Frequency of travelling within Myanmar - Medium High)



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IT Team Lead in Yangon

Job Requirement

  • Applicant shall have at least a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science. Other affiliated Computer Technology-related Certifications are a plus.
  • Must possess a strong working knowledge in hardware, software, network, database and data security.
  • Must have a strong working knowledge in SQL and Oracle databases.
  • Must possess experience in ERP such as SAP or ODOO setup and support experience.
  • Must be familiar with Myanmar telecom and ISP services.
  • Must possess at least 5 years of working experience in IT field as a team lead.
  • Must have mentoring, project scheduling, reporting and budgeting capabilities.
  • Must have a strong attitude towards team building and team work.
  • Must be able to lead a team of inexperienced interns.
  • Must be able to remotely administer the team.
  • Must have experience in writing business proposals and reports in English.
  • Must have a strong reading, writing and communication skill both in Myanmar and English.
  • Must be able to travel extensively or take assignment in any part of Myanmar.

Additional Requirement

  • You will be working for building construction material production industry.
  • The interview is going to be conducted in English.
  • You are recommended to bring the sample of projects and reports that you have completed from your past experience to interview.
  • You are recommended to bring the sample of IT Proposal if you have experience in working on IT project bidding projects.
  • You may be given an assignment to analyze a test project during the interview.

Job Responsibiltiy

  • Will be responsible for dual-reporting to Executive Director and CFO.
  • Will be responsible for leading IT team in both infrastructure and ERP planning and development projects.
  • Will be involved in evaluating various ERP solutions, which will include comparing products modules, services and packages.
  • Will be responsible for analysing and participating in contract negotiation.
  • Will be responsible for ERP hardware and software cost analysis.
  • Will be responsible for setting up KPI for IT team.
  • Will also be responsible for setting up IT related SOPs and policies for the organization for all IT aspects, including but not limited to, hardware, software, connectivity and data security.


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Innovations and New Product Development (NPD) Manager

Overall Responsibility

  • Innovation

This role plays a key part in driving the innovation pipeline for the organization. It starts with understanding consumer insights, market trends and identifying potential gaps. The role will then propose a short-term and long-term pipeline plan for the company to fill the market gaps and seek for growth opportunities.

On a regular basis, he/she also needs to stay updated of the latest trends and innovation news happening in the industry, the market and the surrounding regions in order to keep refreshing the pipeline plan with most relevant and potential ideas.

Year-on-year basis, he/she needs to build an innovation-driven culture for the organization through organizing innovation workshops/ trend updating sessions and driving the Innovation-journey process (Stage Gate) enforcement.

  • New product development

When a new idea is fixed and firmed by the Top Senior Management, this NPD role will be the key driving force from idea to commercialization of the new product. This is done by coordinating with cross functional teams from Procurement, QA, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Finance to Legal, Marketing, Sales for their corresponding responsibilities and expertise.

He/she will be the custodian of NPD Meetings to align cross functions on the new projects and progress tracking to ensure on time in full launch according to Management expectation.

This role will also be responsible to establish and ensure a robust consumer-centric approach to validate and filter the innovation journey from ideation to commercialization and post launch performance tracking. This involves working with Marketing Research and external research agencies to build and apply relevant toolkits and guidelines for proper consumer understanding, validation and assessment of the ideas, concepts, new products developed, till market forecasting and launch tracking.

Key Areas of Accountability

  • Innovation pipelining and process driving
  • New product development and commercialization
  • Consumer-centric journey of innovation development
  • Market trends, innovation news and consumer lifestyle trends update
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Head of Sales, Yangon

Job Description

  • Actively Monitors and evaluates team performance and ensures continuous support to Departments and branch managers to achieve business targets and objectives
  • Supervises the pre-opening activities of new branches, that includes opening accounts, the system set up, security of vault and cash areas, deployment of suitable staff, cross-checking with regulatory requirements and the proper functioning of all channels to ensure a successful opening
  • Ensures alignment and smooth migration of best practices between branches to drive consistency in the delivery of exceptional customer service and sales support
  • Oversees surprise visits to the branches for checking and control of operations and ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Assists the Value Centre/Departments in the development and launch of innovative yet practical products and services in order to satisfy customer needs
  • Supports the bank’s relationship managers in providing superior customer service in order to ensure a distinctive personalized customer experience
  • Identifies customer sentiment and satisfaction, gathers customer feedback and team inputs regarding support service need to provide recommendations to the relevant Value Centers on proposed improvements in order to continuously improve customer satisfaction
  • Oversees the effective implementation of departmental policies, systems, and procedures so that all relevant procedural/ legislative requirements are fulfilled while delivering high quality and cost-effective service
  • Plans manage and drive effective and efficient delivery of Technology initiatives to assist the function and organization in achieving exceptional business results
  • Collaborates proactively with Human Resource to continuously increase competency within the function to meet future organizations needs through the development and recruitment of talent
  • Collaborates with the Finance Function in developing relevant measurable performance metrics for the function, and proactively tracks performance against the metrics to ensure fiscal control, profitability and financial feasibility of the function

Job Requirements

Minimum Qualifications


  • A degree holder in any discipline (preferable degree related to business administration, banking and finance)
  • Minimum 5 years of working experiences in the field of sales, sales support and customer services
  • The ability to analyze sales data, and customer satisfaction score and able to generate a solution based on the findings
  • Previous experience in successfully managing sales, sales support and customer services
  • Proven track record of achieving the setup sales targets and support and drive for sales growth in a business
  • Evidence of excellence in communication and negotiation resulted oriented
  • Experiences in dealing with dissatisfied customers and produce amicable solutions for customer retention


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Head of Product and Service Development, Yangon

Job Description

  • Leads and effectively executes the business plans for the department, and designs distinctive value creating agendas to develop Payroll products, implement product strategy and monitor product performance to ensure delivery of innovative and customised channels and payment schedules to clients with alignment to their needs
  • Assesses new opportunities and develops growth strategies to ensure Payroll products and solutions meet the needs of existing and prospective clients in order to improve the bank's market share
  • Conducts competitive benchmarking of the products and reviews pricing of the products periodically to ensure alignment with industry practices and drive the achievement of profitability targets
  • Identifies product and regulatory opportunities and challenges in order to develop forward-looking strategies to ensure Payroll products remain competitive, meet the needs of clients, and drive superior business results
  • Ensures continuous product improvement through the sourcing of on-going client feedback and identifies future client needs in order to improve private commercial bank competitive status and value proposition
  • Manages the new product approval process through collaborations with all relevant stakeholders to ensure an efficient product roll-out process
  • Oversees and supports the roll-out of new products and services to ensure the delivery of an exceptional end-to-end product journey for the client
  • Participates in the training of sales teams during the launch of new products and solutions to ensure successful knowledge transfer resulting in successful sales and the delivery of distinctive client value
  • Defines goals and key performance indicators for each member of the team and ensure effective implementation of the bank performance management process
  • Develops talent within the team by coaching to achieve the defined goals
  • In addition to the primary responsibilities, the role holder will also be accountable for one of the following portfolios:

Job Requirement

  • Possess at least a Bachelor's Degree, Post Graduate Diploma or Professional Degree in business management or equivalent
  • Minimum 5 years of experience working in payroll service company and in the area of product development.
  • Alternatively, minimum 5 years of experience working in financial institution in the area of corporate payroll service.
  • Successfully rolled-out new payroll product.
  • Able to command in both
  • English and Myanmar.
  • Possess logical and investigative mind.
  • Excellent analytical, technical and problem solving skills.



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Chief Operation Officer, Yangon

Job Description

  • Leads the development of relevant policies and processes and provides all necessary middle and back office (Operations)support to the consumer banking and wholesale banking and other Function Heads to facilitate and drive private commercial bank strategy of achieving nation-wide financial inclusion
  • Provides the leadership, management, and vision necessary to ensure that the bank has the proper operations controls, technology platforms, administrative and reporting procedures, and people systems in place to effectively grow the organization and to drive financial strength and operational efficiency
  • Prepares the overall Operations budget for the bank, and actively tracks performance against the targets, taking corrective action where necessary
  • Facilitates and oversees the day-to-day Operations of the bank and the overall administration in providing continuous support to CB & WB, the Value Centres and Functions
  • Advises consumer banking/wholesale banking and relevant Function Heads on financial planning, budgeting, cash flow, investment priorities, and policy matters
  • Collaborates with consumer banking/wholesale banking and Function Heads to develop and implement plans for operational infrastructure of systems, processes, and personnel designed to accommodate the growth objectives of the bank
  • Defines the operating framework and policies for the bank and ensures compliance with internal quality standards
  • Guides strategic business transformation projects across the bank, and directs reengineering of the key processes, with the aim to drive the automation of manual operations, and instill a culture of quality excellence within the bank
  • Leads focused reviews on key risks and processes in a proactive manner and assesses performance of the sub-operations (accounts processing, operations administration, business risk and control, credit operations etc.) to keep a tab on the operational health of the organization, driving improvements to workflows as and when required
  • Guides the development of service level agreements between the bank and service providers with regard to all operations functions, ensuring alignment to statutory standards and corporate guidelines
  • Leads and guides cross-functional internal groups on topics such as technology operations, audit and compliance, business continuity planning, and information security to optimize operational risk
  • Builds and maintains strong relationships with key stakeholders in external banking networks and regulatory bodies, and represents the bank in external committees to work towards business continuity and gather knowledge about the external market to be used in implementing strategic initiatives for all bank operations
  • Drives continuous improvement in cost, quality and cycle time across all aspects of Operations
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Senior iOS Developer, Yangon


  • Work collaboratively in an Agile/Scrum team
  • Work in DevOps mode. You will be responsible from development to delivery to operations
  • Participate in solution architecture design
  • Continuously build, automate test and continuously deliver new software
  • Perform code reviews and look for improvements in our development processes
  • Unit testing and integration testing come naturally to you. We expect your code to be thoroughly tested with unit, UI and snapshot tests.
  • Mentor fellow developers. Possibly grow into leading a small team of developers and tester.
  • Provide production support
  • Work with other in-house teams as well as vendors
  • Comfortable working with backend too (Java). Encouraged but not mandatory.

Basic Qualifications

  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science or related fields
  • 4 to 7 years of relevant experience, with minimum 4+ years of professional experience as an iOS App developer (Cocoa, UIKit, Swift and Xcode)
  • 2+ year experience in unit testing and UI testing. Snapshot testing is a plus.
  • data driven working experience using different analytics solutions (i.e. Google Analytics)
  • solid working experience in integration with RESTful backend
  • Knowledge of iOS distribution mechanics and signing
  • Experience in CoreData, CoreAnimation, JSON, Web services integration, design patterns, and
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Training & Development Manager (Local Only), Yangon


  • Identify and assess current and future training needs specifically for contact center through job analysis, performance and scope of work
  • Draw an overall or individualized training and development plan that addresses contact center needs and enhances customer experience
  • Deploy a wide variety of training methods, latest tools and techniques to maximize the effectiveness of training for contact center
  • Conduct effective induction and training to new and existing contact center staffs
  • Monitor and evaluate contact center training program’s effectiveness, success and ROI and report to management periodically
  • Manage training budget to achieve optimal results
  • Resolve any specific problems and tailor training programs as necessary
  • Conduct Train the Trainer sessions for effective training programs in decentralized customer service model
  • Maintain a keen understanding of training trends, developments and best practices
  • Collaborate with Quality Team on overall improvement and of performance, bucket wise performance monitoring and refresher training

Job Requirements

  • Possess at least a Bachelor's Degree, Post Graduate Diploma or Professional Degree in Business Studies / Administration / Management, Finance / Accountancy /Banking or equivalent.
  • At least 5 year(s) of working experience in contact center is required for this position.
  • Alternatively, experience in developing customer service related training program would be considered.
  • Ability to command both spoken and written in Myanmar and English.
  • Excellent business acumen, leadership and communication skills.
  • Strong knowledge in Microsoft Office and Customer Service related applications.
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Head of Legal/ Corporate Secretary, Yangon

Overall Responsibility

Responsible for

  • To assist in ensuring that all necessary Government Relations with company's  business are conducted professionally
  • To assist in ensuring that the legal and legitimate rights and obligations of the company are safeguarded in all business transactions
  • To assist in ensuring and promoting good Public Relations and safeguard the name and image of the company.

 Key Areas of Accountabilities

  • Assist in the safe–keeping and maintenance of Company records, legal documents, legal contracts
  • Assist in the accurate recording of minutes of Directors meetings, decisions taken and related administrative matters
  • Assist in checking and advising on all legal contracts and matters before the company sign and make commitments
  • Assist in all Government Relations matters relating to legal procedures, Licenses, Protocol etc.
  • Assist in all public relations as well as making arrangements and taking care of important visitors to the company

Skills or Competencies Requirement

  • Excellent inter-personal & influencing skills
  • Ability to create rapport and good relations with Government officials & authorities
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good command of English language
  • Strong administrative & public relations abilities

Experience & Educational Requirements

  • Post graduate (or) Graduate by Law, MBA or Management qualifications
  • At least 5-years of experiences in the related field or related government experience
  • Have good understanding & knowledge of company operations and Government regulations and protocol relating to business.
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Production Manager(Supply Chain), Yangon

Key Duties / Responsibilities

  • Direct responsibility for execution of production plan to effect product availability.
  • Direct responsibility for coordination with other functions on production related activities.
  • Direct responsibility for operation and basic maintenance of production lines.
  • Support & coordinate with maintenance team in implementation of planned maintenance system for all production machinery, involving the production team
  • Direct responsibility for achieving key indicator goals in production & process areas.
  • Assist with the implementation of future projects ( big or small )
  • Direct responsibility for implementing, reviewing and complying to Quality, Safety & Health, Food Safety and Environment Management System, in production areas.
  • Direct responsibility for Product and Package quality.
  • Direct responsibility for selection, coaching, feedback and development of Operators on Production Processes & Controls.
  • Direct responsibility for discipline in the production work force.
  • Direct responsibility for scheduling and managing manpower in production lines.
  • Direct responsibility for Safety of personnel and equipment.
  • Direct responsibility for GMP and GHK on production lines.
  • Direct responsibility for adherence to local laws.
  • Direct responsibility for identification of production line improvement projects and their execution.
  • Direct responsibility to present periodic updates on performance and improvement plans on KPI’s to the leadership team.
  • Direct responsibility to comply with annual budget set and assist Leadership during annual budgeting process.
  • Comply to organization “food safety Standards and Program”.


  • Minimum Diploma in Mechanical/ Electrical Engineering
  • Minimum 5 years in similar industry
  • Ideally experience of FMCG
  • English skills, written and oral


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