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Head of Shared Services (Admin), Yangon

Job Description

  • Plans, directs and oversees the Shared Services Function to deliver high quality, cost-effective service in a consistent manner.
  • Works closely with Function Heads in ensuring efficient scheduling of work shifts in order to balance cost consciousness and agility in response.
  • Tracks performance on service delivery and cost effectiveness with the objective of maximizing productivity and efficiency
  • Assess the operational processes of the function, suggesting and driving improvements to work flows as and when required
  • Lead focused reviews on processes in a proactive manner and assess the operational value add of the function as a whole on the bank’s operations and consider other alternative cost sensitive options such as outsourcing to external vendors
  • Recognize the social and economic impact of decisions and consider ramifications before embarking on any restructuring and streamlining initiatives
  • Ensures that business change projects are delivered in line with directions from the CEO so as to ensure the bank is able to implement its strategy smoothly
  • Plans, manages and drives effective and efficient delivery of Technology initiatives to assist the function and organization in achieving exceptional business results
  • Collaborates proactively with Human Resource to plan and execute the people resource strategy needs in accordance with the organization’s needs and manpower regulations
  • Collaborates with the Finance Function in developing relevant measurable performance metrics for the function, and proactively tracks performance against the metrics to ensure fiscal control, profitability and financial feasibility of the function

Job Requirements

  • A degree holder in any discipline
  • Minimum 5 years of working experiences in the field of administration, shared services, and managing projects
  • Demonstrated experiences in development and delivery of high quality shared services
  • Experience in leading, managing and coordinating a team in order to deliver high quality, cost-effective service as per set up time frame
  • Proven experiences in dealing with external services providers
  • Evidence of excellence in communication and negotiation



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Financial Controller, Yangon

Key duties:

  • Ensure that each member of the Accounting & Control team understands his/her role and objectives, and has the proper tools & training to achieve them.
  • Ensure that all transactions are processed in the accounting system a timely manner (some of which are processed by other teams – such as Accounts Payable), with control keys and registers to prove completeness at any point in time, in accordance with IFRS. Accounting must also comply with local statutory accounting regulations.
  • Plans and executes the month-end close – confirms that all transactions are properly approved and processed; that all required journal entries are prepared, documented, approved, and recorded in the accounting system, including deferred expenses, prepaids, fixed assets, and deferred revenue; that expense accruals are recorded, based on evidence of actual costs being incurred and/or calculated amount based on history; that all accounts are analyzed to ensure accuracy and reasonableness; that the TRIAL BALANCE is closed by the deadline.
  • Ensure world-class reporting – ie., that financial statements (issued monthly, quarterly, annually, and otherwise as needed) are ON-TIME, ACCURATE, and FULLY ANALYZED. (Note that the analysis requirement is shared with the FP&A Team, and that the analysis done at the ACCOUNTING AND REPORTING level is generally related to accuracy, reasonableness, and explaining outliers, whereas the FP&A Team is generally concerned more with value drivers and commercial & operational decision support.)
  • Ensure that accurate information is available to the right people in a timely manner.
  • Ensure control (physical and accounting) over all Fixed Assets and Inventory.
  • Ensure that all Balance Sheet (and key Income Statement) accounts are RECONCILED MONTHLY. A reconciliation is documented (and reviewed, and approved) proof of the accuracy and reasonableness of an account balance as of (or for a period ending on) a specific date.  A reconciliation must correlate the balance to at least one source that is outside of the accounting system, and reflect the judgment of the preparer and reviewer.
  • Ensure that all Finance Staff, as finance professionals, understand the company's technical operating model, commercial offer, marketing objectives, regulatory environment, and key success factors. Each should also understand how his/her individual success will contribute to company success.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Review and Approve all Journal Entries.
  • Meet regularly with Department Heads and the appropriate Finance staff, to discuss Budget Variances, issues with inter-departmental communication, and other matters. Budget Variances should be explained at least quarterly, in a discussion that happens just prior to the end of the quarter.  (Send the information monthly, highlighting key variances and requesting explanations.  But have an actual meeting once per quarter.  This function is in conjunction with the FP&A team.)
  • Direct the staff that process the accounting transactions and reconcile the accounts, ensuring success against agreed KPI's.
  • Monitor individual and team performance, and give feedback as needed.
  • Train and develop staff.
  • Oversee the implementation of the financial system.
  • Manage and maintain internal and external audit compliance.
  • Manage the Interface with the billing system / IN to retrieve information to book revenue and reconcile deferred revenue; interface with POS system to book cash and sales.
  • Cycle count all Inventory (Retail; Scratchcard; Roll-out; Spare Parts; etc.).
  • Reporting: management reporting (including monthly business review presentation; board pack), VAT reporting and settlement; statutory and tax reporting and filing.
  • Other tasks and duties as directed by Finance Director.


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Business Product Development Manager, Yangon.

Role Accountability:

Product Road-map

  • Develop strategy and road-map for future business-focused (SoHo, SME, Large Entities) products to fulfill user requirements.
  • Prepare and deliver product presentations, product vision, and strategy
  • Understand data savvy business’ (SoHo, SME, Large Entities) expectations and industry best practices, including keeping abreast of the technology landscape
  • Contribute ideas and recommendations toward product, process and system improvement
  • Drive and provide support to all aspects of the product development plan including pricing and positioning


  • Provide timely and accurate information and status updates to key stakeholders
  • Define metrics and KPI to measure the success of the projects
  • Perform in-depth opportunity/competitive analysis


  • Act as primary point of contact to successfully release new products on time and within budget
  • Work with marketing and communications to establish and manage a go to market and launch plan for the 4G LTE product family supported by integrated communications plans
  • Design, develop and manage activities from product definition & planning to production and release
  • Responsible for customer analysis, design to delivery (including quality assurance) of fully developed products that are ready for customer use

Customer Experience

  • Keep customer experience first, while developing ways to bolster Customer Acquisition, Usage, and Retention

Cross-Functional Roles

  • Support B2B sales & business development personnel as required
  • Maximizing revenue potential and meeting the business goals of the company.
  • Coordinate activities across the organization, work collaboratively and coordinate cross functionally with other units
  • Facilitate quality consultation and communication within own team, within the department and with other departments;

Required Professional Competencies:

  • Broad technical knowledge of 4G LTE telecommunications networks and Proven track record in management of complex B2B programs.
  • Ability to deal at a high level with Enterprise customers in a multicultural environment.
  • Strategic and analytical abilities.
  • Ability to interface across multiple disciplines within one organization and achieve results.
  • Organisational awareness: understands the formal structure of the product; has an in-depth insight into telecom business, its markets, customers, competitors, the products & services and brand & people values and is capable of putting this across to the direct channels sales teams, respects dress code in contact with customers.
  • Technical and Professional Expertise: understands marketing strategy, has an in-depth experience in marketing analysis techniques.
  • Managerial and Organisational Skills: manages means and resources: goal setting & objectives, action plans, budget & cost control; provides clear direction and priorities; sees that marketing strategies are translated into clear and specific objectives;
  • Analytical thinking and problem solving: identifies problems and tackles them in a logical, step-by-step way; appeals to reason, logic and pragmatism; takes sound decisions.
  • Visionary insight: thinks and looks ahead, beyond the constraints of the current situation, contributing ideas; has a global, long-term vision.
  • Creativity and innovation: questions habits and current methods and adapts them or generates imaginative, innovative and new ideas in respect of marketing segment activities.
  • Conceptual thinking: identifies patterns or connections between situations, identifying underlying sales issues.
  • Information seeking: obtains and uses all relevant information from a variety of sources to improve sales.
  • Commercial acumen: understands the impact of marketing activities and customer satisfaction on business and commercial success; understands the meaning and implications of business performance indicators.

Required Core Competencies:

  1. Customer focus: focuses effort, resources, people etc.; on delivering creative solutions that meet customers’ needs; works to anticipate customer needs and understands how to create added value.
  2. Relationship building: builds and maintains networks of business contacts in and beyond the company who will contribute to success;
  3. Interpersonal skills: understands attitudes, interests, perspectives, needs of others; understands nonverbal behavior, moods and feelings of others; is persuasive, guiding and assertive to others; seeks feedback from sales people and customers; advises and challenges managers and sales team; has the ability to bring others round to one’s own point of view, to gain acceptance.
  4. Team work and co-operation: builds effective, co-operative relationships; builds effective teams committed to organizational goals; builds up positive team climate, mature attitude, encourages sales people to coach each other, solicits input from everybody, builds team spirit and a friendly working environment; deals with diversity.
  5. Communication skills: communicates in appropriate, clear and concise terms, checks understanding while communicating; is structured and gives accurate and logical information in written reports, languages English and Burmese.
  6. Results orientation: focuses on the delivery of targets, quality and deadlines.
  7. Initiative and pro-activity: acts quickly and decisively to seize the moment, prepares for the predictable, thinking through all possible scenarios.
  8. Achievement and perseverance motivation: shows confidence and believes in his/her own capacity to achieve results and tackle problems.
  9. Organisational alignment: identifies with the organization values, aligns actions and behaviors with company needs and priorities.
  10. Flexibility and adaptability: maintains effectiveness in a changing environment and within a variety of dynamic work situations.
  11. Resilience: maintains control and performance in stressful situations.
  12. Integrity: “walks the talk”; acts as a role model, abides by business conduct guidelines and ethics; deals appropriately with confidential data.
  13. Self-development: appraises own strengths and weaknesses; has the willingness to develop his/her own skills, knowledge and behavior through on-the-job experiences and feedback of others.

Key Relationships:

Daily interactions with members of the product’s Marketing team, B2B Sales teams, Management team, IT, Finance, Procurement, Training, Legal, Call Center, and other key stakeholders.



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JDE Specialist, Yangon

Main Functions

  • Understand, manage and supervise all aspects related to Company’s business processes and align JDE to them.
  • Work with JDE system users and management to determine appropriate system configuration and setup.
  • Propose and develop new system configuration to better match business models and users requirements.
  • Thoroughly understand Company’s business practices and procedures to design and maintain automated workflow processes.
  • Work as system analyst with external consultants to help define users’ needs and develop data processing solution.
  • Assist with testing of key users for new release of system updates.
  • Troubleshoot the system whenever issues are arising.
  • Design and develop specific reports for JDE key users.
  • Manage, lead, coach and train MIS department personnel.
  • Support and participate in the Company’s strategic plans and activities.



Required Competencies

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. Minimum 5-year experience in similar role.
  • Extensive experience in ERP roll out and system development.
  • Understanding of manufacturing, distribution and sales business processes.
  • Great analytical skills. Ability to train and interact with various mix of employees (local and expatriates).
  • Good at communicating and reporting to Management. Excellent command of English.
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Warehouse Manager, Yangon


Key Responsibilities

Has responsibility for implementing processes change projects in the country/branch and develops detailed implementation plans, sets. Expectations and gets agreement with internal and external stakeholders. Coordinates necessary training for new clients during on-boarding and monitors post implementation performance until the operation is established.

Who we are looking for

Provides support on defined issues and contributes through application of expertise and knowledge. Works independently within defined boundaries and guidelines in specific area, but will need supervision on more complex assignments. Knowledge is required for the application of practical methods and techniques, work procedures and processes. Has some knowledge of the functional area and understands the overall nature of the business. Problems require solution through a choice between know alternatives, within the area if expertise and direct manager will evaluate the appropriateness and effectiveness of the solution. Able to present results of own work to team. Roles require at least 3 years previous work experience in a related area.

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Sales Executive (Logistics) , Yangon
  • Marketing and business development concentrating on locally paid and controlled business
  • Visit existing customers and new potential customers to secure Myanmar controlled business
  • Promote growth of business by following up sales leads
  • Prepare / update quotations and make follow up regularly
  • Handle local and overseas freight inquiries (Sea & Air Import, Sea & Air Export, Cross Border Trucking, Local Handling, Value Added Services, RFQ’s, etc.)
  • After a business has been secured, provide all relevant information to company’s operations / customer service
  • Execute sales plan consistently with a view to achieve sales targets
  • Have a good understanding of local market to generate contacts, leads and market intelligence
  • Provide market intelligence such as potential customers, competition activities, market situation, etc. and formulate, together with management, an effective strategy how do develop business
  • Gather shipment information from customers to change purchasing terms to control freight in Myanmar
  • Send sales-leads to overseas offices and make follow up until business secured
  • Input customer profiles and sales activities into the Sales System
  • Ensure that assigned KPIs are met
  • Handle other jobs as assigned by GM and MD
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Brand Manager (Alcoholic Beverage), Yangon

Overall Responsibilities 

  • Overlook a brand/brands
  • Formulate & Implement annual brand plans
  • Closely monitor and analyse sales volumes, market share trends and competitive activity
  • Determine and Manage the brand budget
  • Manage and Coordinate all marketing, advertising and promotional activities with regard to the brand
  • Monitor, Review and Report on all brand activities and results
  • Liaise with media and advertising to develop thematic & promotional concepts & creative's
  • Analysis of customer research, current market conditions and competitor information
  • Guide and Motivate the brand team
  • Ensure visibility for the brand through the right channels by developing correct
  • Cross functional communication with all relevant departments

Key Areas of Accountabilities

  • Ensure marketing activities of a brand is viable, result oriented & within budget
  • Ensure the growth of each brand
  • Ensure marketing activities are relevant to the consumer and customer
  • Creativity & Innovation in a Myanmar context to be represented across all marketing campaigns
  • Assure annual brand plans have a balance between brand building activity and sales driven activity


  • A Bachelor/Master Degree is preferable but not a must
  • Foreign exposure academically or professionally is a must
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in a relevant field in a managerial capacity
  • At least 2 years of experience in a senior management capacity
  • Must be Myanmar Nationality

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Head of Sales and Customer Service, Yangon


  • Liaise with superior to make decisions for operational activities and set strategic goals
  • Plan and monitor the day-to-day running of business to ensure smooth progress
  • Supervise staff from different departments and provide constructive feedback
  • Evaluate regularly the efficiency of business procedures according to organizational objectives and apply improvements
  • Manage procurement processes and coordinate material and resources allocation
  • Oversee customer support processes and organize them to enhance customer satisfaction
  • Review financial information and adjust operational budgets to promote profitability
  • Revise and/or formulate policies and promote their implementation
  • Manage relationships/agreements with external partners/vendors
  • Evaluate overall performance by gathering, analyzing and interpreting data and metrics
  • Ensure that the company runs with legality and conformity to established regulations
  • Manage Riders and Delivery Fleet duties time
  • To ensure the full implementation of the Customer Services strategy across the business.
  • To ensure that the Customer Services function operates effectively and that the functions’ activities are aligned to departmental and Company objectives.
  • To ensure the accurate processing of customer quotations, orders and order confirmations within agreed timescales.
  • To ensure that all customer enquiries are satisfactorily managed, resolved and closed within agreed timescales.
  • To ensure that the Customer Services function is adequately staffed and trained to deliver an efficient service to internal and external customers.
  • To represent the Customer Services function as an active member of the Senior Management Team.
  • To actively promote and manage the process of continuous improvement in Customer Service standards within Call Enquiries and Order Processing.
  • Create and sustain a positive team environment displaying high levels of motivation and excellent team spirit.
  • Participate and contribute to relevant management meetings.
  • Promote effective communication throughout all levels of the Customer Services function.


  • Proven experience as Head of Operation and Customer Service or equivalent position
  • Excellent organizational and leadership abilities
  • Outstanding communication and people skill
  • Knowledge of Technology and Logistics Industry.
  • Proven experience in services industry


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Senior Copywriter, Yangon
  • Receive briefs from the Marketing teams, and will question any areas of uncertainty.
  • Work with the in-house agency team to develop a creative solution to the brief.
  • Write clear, impactful copy to accompany graphics and visual elements from the graphic designer.
  • Run brainstorm sessions to get inputs from a wider team.
  • Translate between English and Myanmar languages
  • Edit and proofread communications materials developed by other teams within the business.
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General Manager, Yangon

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Oversee daily operations of the Food and Grocery Delivery Platform and Logistics
  • Ensure the creation and implementation of a strategy designed to grow the business
  • Coordinate the development of key performance goals for functions and direct reports to Managing Director
  • Provide direct management of key functional managers and executives in each of the business units
  • Ensure overall delivery and quality of the service’s offerings to customers
  • Engage in key or targeted marketing, sales and customer activities
  • Oversee key hiring and talent development programs
  • Evaluate and decide upon with Managing Director on Key Investments, infrastructure and talent
  • Create better communication strategy to avoid miscommunication and solve head of departments conflicts
  • Manage relationships/agreements with external partners/vendors
  • Ensuring the development and implementation if a clear strategic plan
  • Looking to the future if the business and making key investments and investment recommendations
  • Supporting the development of a healthy internal culture that retains key employees and encourages their professional development


  • Proven experiences as General Manager or equivalent position
  • Excellent organisational and leadership abilities
  • Outstanding communication and people skill
  • In-dept knowledge of diverse business function and principles (Logistics, IT, Finance, Sales, Marketing, HR and Operation)
  • MBA/BSc/BA in Business Administration or relevant field
  • Knowledge of Technology and Logistics Industry
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