API Developer

Duties And Responsibilities

  • Work collaboratively in an Agile/Scrum team
  • Continuously build/deploy APIs as per the continuous integration guidelines and take ownership
  • Perform peer to peer API design/structure reviews
  • Publish and manage externally exposed APIs through the gateway
  • Monitor performance of multi-layer APIs using APM tools
  • Write unit tests and design integration tests with application teams
  • Provide production support
  • Work with in-house application teams and other IT teams in the department
  • Working with other engineers in extending our API layer and enabling growth through flexible integration
  • Passionate and wax lyrical about terms such as RESTful, SOAP, etc. and knowledgeable in best practices for integration, middleware and APIs. They will have strong fundamentals in at least one object oriented programming language, web programming languages & tools and relational database theory.

Skills And Requirements

  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science or related fields
  • 3+ years hands-on experience with developing server-side APIs both REST and SOAP based APIs
  • 2+ years working with Oracle, MSSQL or MySQL
  • Strong understanding of latest standards/tools in APIs and enterprise integrations area
  • Excellent problem solving skills and judgment
  • Highly-motivated self-starter with a passion for making high quality software
  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong sense of ownership and drive
  • Willing to stand firm on his/her own ideas but also at the same time flexible enough to listen to and accept others’ ideas
  • Passion and Willingness to work with open source technologies
  • Proficient in debugging and performance optimizations
  • 20/12/2018
  • Myanmar
  • Permanent
  • $Negotitate
  • ASAP

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