Compliance Manager

As legal and ethical integrity are many key fundamental factors in the company that impact the organization’s growth, financial services firms are recruiting an adequate Compliance Manager.
“Because maintaining the company’s growth is through preserving both lawful and ethical course”

Job & Company Description:

Myanmar’s financial institute is attentively seeking an outstanding Compliance Manager who is the ability to identify issues with legality and ethics within a company and then fix problems quickly and effectively.

Astonishing career pathway to be part of Myanmar’s thriving financial service group in order to facilitate the growth in financial servicing for the clientele.


A relevant degree in Law, Finance, Business Administration or any related field.

A Master’s degree is also preferred.

Job Experience & Skills Required:

Up to 3 – 5 years’ experience in a regulated environment in financial services sector.

In-depth knowledge of the industry’s standards and regulations.

An analytical mind able to “see” the complexities of procedures and regulations.

Possess excellent communication skills and fluent in English.

  • 24/03/2020
  • Myanmar
  • Permanent
  • $Up to 2,800,000 MMK + other allowances
  • ASAP

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