Environment, Health & Safety Manager

Roles and Responsibilities
  • Drives to build an active safety culture and healthy workplace;
  • Plan, establish and implement EHS concerning policies and process; establish and execute strategies and action plan;
  • Organize and track collection and update of EHS laws and regulations and drive the execution; timely organize all resource including people to assess the compliance of the laws and regulations;
  • Drive the EOSH assessment and establish corresponding actions to ensure the compliance of the requirements, and to pass the relevant audits;
  • Regular analyze EHS performance, organize improving opportunity defining and drive performance improving;
  • Organize, plan and execute EHS projects and track progress to improve EHS performance according to business realities;
  • Plan and manage environmental programs including but not limited to; waste, air and noise pollution control, hazardous and non-hazardous waste management, recycling, well water extraction, energy planning and the community right to know
  • Create, track and achieve Key Business Indicators (KBI such as accidents, near miss reports and investigations) for EHS, ensure timely consolidation of information and reports to key stakeholders such as SLT, BIG, HRD and GM.
  • Sum-up EHS experiences and outcomes and share to stakeholders; join in BIG successful experiences sharing;
  • Organize defining, assessment and update of hazards and risk, and establish management plans following the assessment results;
  • Build fluent communication and relationship with SLT of Myanmar, authorities, development, and BIG corporate office as well as other EHS managers in Asia
  • Coach and Lead all stakeholders to ensure compliance and capability building in self and others
  • Monitor the trends of EHS internal and externally and ensure best practice is implemented
  • Join in HR activities and contribute to build a collaborative environment and achieve team objectives
  • College graduate or above in Engineering or related subject area
  • Command of English language, Microsoft office computer skills
  • Ability to travel around Myanmar from time to time (company cover expense /provide transport)
  • Must be physically fit and used to outdoors as time to be spent in factory and warehouse, construction conditions
  • 1-2 years of working experience in Drinks/food or other labor intensive industry would be a plus
  • 30/04/2018
  • Myanmar
  • Permanent
  • $1500~2000

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