VCS Attends the MYEA the Myanmar Young Entrepreneurs Association Summit 2016

VCS attended the MYEP Myanmar Young Entrepreneurs Association Summit in October 2016, the main purpose of the event was to bring together the young entrepreneurs of Myanmar. VCS was given the opportunity to have a company profile stall by the association to present the companies activities in Myanmar. This lead to H.E Daw Aung San Suu Kyi walking through the companies stands of the young entrepreneurs, allowing the CEO of VCS to shake hands with her and explain about VCS, the only HR Consulting Company invited to attend the conference.

The Myanmar Entrepreneurship Summit is Myanmar’s first and largest event focusing on connecting the country’s young entrepreneurs with each other and to other private and public sector organisations. The novelty of the Summit lies in its interactive format, professional setting at the Myanmar International Convention Center 2, carefully selected national and international resources and its conducive atmosphere.

The Summit offered a unique space for successful entrepreneurs to share meaningful experiences in Myanmar’s fast-developing economy. On the other hand, Politicians, legislators, corporations and developmental institutions are given the extraordinary opportunity to meet Myanmar’s most successful prospects in an effective and authentic way. In the current ecosystem, young entrepreneurs are finding both challenges and opportunities and depending on their circumstances, consider Myanmar’s entrepreneurial environment either vibrant or stale, fast or slow, enabling or disabling.

In a time when national guidelines and policies to rebuild the economy and facilitate business development are undergoing sweeping changes, the rise of entrepreneurship can be a crucial contributor for inclusive and distributed growth. It is the aim of this Summit to focus the spotlight on entrepreneurship, raise awareness of the issues at hand, create a space for dialogue and position entrepreneurship as an important tool to help Myanmar and its people prosper.

The main objective of the association is to empower young entrepreneurs and assist in creating a vibrant entrepreneurship ecosystem in Myanmar. As of today, MYEA has organised and participated in numerous events and activities with a variety of organisations both locally as well as internationally. Our members include an impressive pool of young entrepreneurs covering all sectors of the industry, with diverse abilities and expertise. We are passionate about the growth and development of entrepreneurship in Myanmar and have a culture of a Community of Friends. We stand ready to cooperate with others in the pursuit of growth and development in Myanmar and the region.

William Murray (CEO) shaking hands with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi 

H.E Daw Aung San Suu Kyi & CEO VCS William Murray