About us

We at VCS understand the simple business imperative that the key to being an effective partner to both our clients and our candidates is the marriage of our industry knowledge with a deep understanding of our clients and the core skill-sets of our candidate pool.

Our ability to deliver the best possible experience to both our clients and candidates in the field of executive search in Myanmar is constrained by weakness in any one of the above three links. Through a combination of weekly in-house training sessions, a forensic attention to both our client’s company structure. and to the core competencies of our candidates, we ensure that we are battle fit for the task.

Our Knowledge

Knowledge and process are both very important to being an effective executive search company in Myanmar, but so is being an intelligent listener and having the right tools in the toolbox to ask the right questions.

Our Directors

Our directors collectively have over 45 years of industry experience and we cover both executive search in Myanmar and recruitment in Myanmar for all the main sectors.





We have an acronym for all of our core values except one, whose message is above being diluted and it is the simple notion of partnership. Successful long-term partnerships normally yield an output greater than the sum of the parts. We strongly believe that we can be that partner and aim to cement our position as the long-term partner of choice for all our key clients in the field of Myanmar recruitment and executive search.


The acronym for our remaining core values

Transparency Honesty INtegrity Knowledge.


Transparency, Honesty and INtegrity

In all our relationships (with both clients and candidates), transparency, honesty and integrity, sit at the very heart of our DNA, what we stand for and how we wish to be perceived in the market place. Transparency in process, fees and two-way feedback. Honesty and integrity in all dimensions of any engagement we embrace.


Knowledge of the marketplace, the industries which we interface with, our clients and candidates are all requisite pieces that must come together, to enable us to provide a premium service. Our aim is to ensure that we are not left wanting in any of these areas. We run regular in-house, sector deep-dive, industry workshops, to ensure that all our executives have a percipient understanding of the industries in which our clients are engaged in. We make similar efforts to understand our clients, their company structure and their own DNA. If we are unable to understand our clients' business, then our ability to source the right candidates will be impaired. In brief, our mantra is to go the extra mile to understand the needs of the client.



Either by client or job-seeker.


Understanding how the client’s business is structured, what role needs to be filled and what the core skillsets are required for the job / ascertaining what tools the jobseeker has in the toolbox, what opportunities he/she is looking for and whether this matches their skillset.


Appropriate candidates to appropriate vacancies. We recognise that time is the most precious asset on both client and the candidate’s balance sheet and we very much adopt the rifle approach to introductions.


Key staff

Myanmar Executive Search - Directors

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Rupert Trotter

Co-Founder & Chairman

26 years in finance, including 21 years investment banking of which 15 years was with both JP Morgan and heritage firm Robert Fleming in London, U.K.. Deep understanding of Asian culture, industry sectors and corporate world, having spent all of his investment banking career specialising in the Asian region. Took up residency in Myanmar in April 2013.

Htet Htet Wai Aung

Account Manager

Htet Htet is an experienced Account Manager with 4 solid years of experience in managing key clients. Currently managing both local and international top clients at VCS. Htet Htet also heads up training and development for new junior recruits at VCS. Graduated from East Yangon university with Bachelor of Arts in English.

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